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On the first of August, the entire FJIN Network will be undergoing scheduled maintenance. All Nodes currently connected to the Network will be temporarily disconnected for a period of seven (7) days. Your connection will be re-established automatically when the maintenance is complete.

During this time, you may experience several mild symptoms including confusion, nausea, a feeling of disconnection, and the inability to speak or process information. This is normal, and you must remember that it is only temporary while we upgrade the Network infrastructure.

The Upgrade implemented in August will be the breakthrough our finest scientists have been working on for years. Our world—the diseases, the war, the negative emotions—will all be a thing of the past. By directly altering the perceptions and brainwaves of those connected to the Network, FJIN Labs has finally developed the panacea to all of the world’s problems.

The other major change that will be implemented with this Upgrade is a modification to the Payout system. No longer will you be forced to live solely off of a set amount of money paid out to you each month. After the Upgrade is set in place, our systems will be able to quantitatively monitor your needs—hunger, thirst, comfort levels, and other vitals—and ration out food and supplies to perfectly meet your personalized needs.

On behalf of the FJIN Enforcement Agency, I must remind all citizens that the Upgrade is required by law, and that although this Network maintenance is mandatory it will only last for one (1) week.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

FJIN Enforcement Agency